Isabelle Anderson (Pamela) is an 8th grader at Mark Twain Middle School, and this is her second show with MVCCT. It is her 10th show in total, and she is very excited to be a part of it. Isabelle has been acting since she was only a few years old, and this show has been a great experience for her. She is very happy to be playing the role of Pamela, which has been a tough but fun challenge. Isabelle would like to thank first and foremost her director, Kaitlyn, for helping her develop her character and just for helping her in general. She would also like to thank her fellow castmates for putting up with her for all this time, and is very happy to be working with them. She as well thanks her Drama teacher Ms. Lebowitz for giving her the perfect place to improve her thespian-age. She would lastly like to thank her family, including her mom, dad, and little brother Evan for supporting her many theatrical endeavors throughout the years. She would individually like to thank her little brother for running her lines with her countless times. All in all, Isabelle is simply very happy to be in the show and hopes that everyone who attends will enjoy it as much as she does.

Anna Blackmon (Annabella/Inspector/Heavy 1) is an 8th grader at Burgundy Farm Country Day School.  39 Steps is Anna’s 3rd MVCCT show.  Previously, she has performed in the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker, and in several Burgundy Farm theater productions to include: James in the Giant Peach, and Change on Broadway.  Anna is delighted to be a part of this show, and she thanks her parents and four siblings for their ongoing support.

Liv Brightley (Mr. J (Professor)/Policeman 1) is an 8th grader at Key Middle School. She is an Honor Roll student, taking all available honors classes as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program. Last summer, Liv was invited to the International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) in New York City where she won 1st place in the On-Camera Host and Honorable Mention in the Monologue (13-15 year-old) competitions. Liv has been featured in the short film, I See Jesus (2017) and Brite Benson’s music video, Thank you Mama (2016). She has also played many lead and supporting roles in multiple Theater Jazz productions through Heartbeats Music and Dance and Key Middle School Drama of Springfield, VA. In her free time, Liv enjoys singing, song- and fiction writing, swimming, and spending time with friends – especially at Starbucks and the mall. Liv gives huge thanks to her 39 Steps Director, Kaitlin, along with her Momager, Timison, and her brothers for all the car rides to rehearsals and classes, pursuing cool acting opportunities, running lines, and enduring days of crazy accents.

Sophie Cadorette (Compere/Mrs. Jordan) first discovered her adoration of theatre when she was dragged along to the Secondary School Shakespeare Festival at the Folger Shakespeare Library with her english-teacher father’s West Potomac High School class. Somehow, while observing the shenanigans therein, she became the Robinson High School theatre troop’s living prop, thereby acting in her first roles variously as a corpse, a barrel, and a sword. Since then, Sophie has enjoyed attending the MVCCT summer theatre camp, channeled Jeremy Irons’ Scar in the Woodley Hills Elementary School production of The Lion King, and as the Matron of Agrabah in the Walt Whitman Middle School production of Aladdin, Jr. She spends what remaining spare time she’s got penning fan-fiction and role-playing game stories, and coding skins for Minecrafting friends. Thanks to everyone involved in this production for their time, energy, and for the fun!

Sophie de Waal (Mr. Memory/Mrs. McGarrigle) is so excited to be performing in her first MVCCT show. She is an eighth grader at St. Mary’s School. Her past favorite roles include Gracie Shinn in The Music Man and Rosalind in As You Like It. She is so thankful for her supportive family and especially her mom. She would like to give a special thank you to the fabulous cast, producers, and director!

Christopher Hilburn (Sheriff/Chief Detective, Inspector Albright/Ensemble) is in 8th grade at Carl Sandburg. This is Christopher’s second MVCCT show. He played Potiphar in MVCCT’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Chris played cello for two years, is in his 4th year playing saxophone, sang in chorus, took ballet for three years, tap for six years, and appeared in a NHTSA television/web public service announcement. Chris is excited to be in this wonderful production and thanks MVCCT for this fun and exciting opportunity!

Charlotte Loesch (Hannay) is so excited to be performing in her first show with MVCCT!  She would to thank the INCREDIBLY TALENTED cast and AMAZING director that made this show possible! She would also like to thank her friends and family for their endless support.

Cameron Long (Salesman 2/Heavy 2) is a junior at West Potomac High School and is happy to be in her 12th show with MVCCT! Outside of acting, she enjoys playing soccer and running. She would like to give a special thanks to Dennis and Kaitlin for making this possible!

Caroline Magro (Pilot 2/Dunwoody) is a sophomore at Georgetown Visitation and excited to perform in her third MVCCT show. Most recently, Caroline performed in STP’s Beauty and the Beast, MVCCT’s Ghostchasers, and ACCT’s Into the Woods. Outside of theater, Caroline enjoys fencing, running track, dancing ballet, and playing percussion in her school orchestra. Caroline would like to thank Kaitlyn, Dennis, and the cast and crew for a fantastic production!

Savannah O’Leary (Mrs. Higgins/Mr. McGarrigle/Salesman 1) is a home schooled eight grader.  This is her second MVCCT show (her first being Ghostchasers).  When not acting Savannah enjoys playing soccer, drawing and playing with her dog Cheeks.  Savannah thanks the director, the cast members, and the faculty for making this show possible and for giving her a wonderful experience.

Alisa Quiñones (McQuarrie/Policeman 2/Pilot 1) is an 8th grader who goes to Gorge Washington Middle school. She helped out in the winter productions at GW for the past 3 years. She enjoys cooking, baking and acting. Shout out to: Mom, Dad, Bella, Mr. McD, and the wonderful cast!!!