Kaitlin Kemp (Director):

Dennis Roddy (Parent Volunteer, MVCCT Board Member): It’s been said, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”! 39 Steps has been a labor of love. This is Dennis Roddy’s third ’s production for Mount Vernon Children’s Community Theater (MVCCT), and he is sure that you will leave the show with a smile on your face, or maybe a classic clown’s nose. Dennis is an active member of the MVCCT board, and is a carpenter extraordinaire, bringing life and magic to countless stage sets. Now, if he could only find the time to do those “Honey-do” chores at home…

When not working on a MVCCT project, Dennis and his family can be found at the theater, enjoying plays across the metropolitan area and NYC. By day, Dennis works for Raytheon, by night he is a chef, uber driver and teenage hostage negotiator.

Dennis would like to personally thank the Director – Kaitlin Kemp has done a fabulous job creating a wonderful show; the screwball comedic Cast – these kids are amazing, and we will see some of them on TV in a few years; MVCCT Art and Costume directors Suzanne Parish and Pam Pekar; and most importantly, the families of the cast – who got the kids to rehearsals on time, built sets, organized the playbill, hosted dinners, parties and much more. 39 Steps is 39 levels of fun, that will leave you guessing “whodunit”!